KC3ESS will be OFF THE AIR for the foreseeable future.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

This DSTAR repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Please be courteous and unlink any connections you make, when you’re finished.

444.7750 Mhz+5 MhzKC3ESS BKC3ESS G
Monday Night Western PA DSTAR Net

This repeater automatically disconnects any active connections at 20:58 local time and then connects to REF063C for the Western PA DSTAR Net. The repeater then automatically disconnects from REF063C at 22:05 local time.

Tuesday Night DSTAR Net

This repeater automatically disconnects any active connections at 20:12 hours local time and then connects to REF055C for a net. The repeater will automatically disconnect around 21:30 hours local time.

In memory of Ted Leonard W3VG /SK, founder and owner of the KC3ESS repeater.

Ted Leonard, W3VG, became a silent key on July 10, 2020.

Ted was an active member of the ham radio community, teaching various amateur radio licensing classes, testing and maintaining repeaters in the local region, and elmering new hams. He enjoyed experimenting with new digital radio technologies and helping new hams get up and running. Ted started his DSTAR adventure in 2014, enlisting the help of Tyler Morris, N3TDM. Together we struggled to get a repeater functioning, but he kept pushing forward. Eventually the KC3ESS repeater was created in 2015. Since then the repeater has gone through many software and hardware iterations. Ted was more than just a fellow ham to me, he was a good friend and mentor. He was an asset and valuable resource for everyone in the local ham radio community.